Inari Kūko is the link between two worlds: the spiritual way and the way of calligraphy. We will see from her hand the nature of the island, the temples of the Shikoku Henro, and we will witness her learning of calligraphy, touring the different places and meeting the craftsmen associated with the materials needed to make the writing.

Her mission is free: it is based on learning and helping along the way, as her powers are to bring blessings wherever she goes. We will have appearances learning and performing Shodō, and scenes in which she will perform some magic trick.

She carries a Super 8 mm camera, with which she covers her journey and experience: Meta- Kūko. Thus, she will give us her vision of what she experienced, so we will get two views of the path: an omnipotent and more academic one that portrays her; and another artistic and subjective one from Inari herself.

Throughout the project she will create installations and animations with what she has learnt along the way: by searching for the origins of Japanese writing and its materials, she will be able to develop a contemporary vision of her discoveries, a journey into the past to find the materials in order to be able to look to the future by experimenting with them.

A journey where the stages of learning coincide with those of one’s own inner discovery.


Visual artist, daughter of a Japanese father and a Spanish mother, she was born in Madrid in 1992. Graduated in Fine at Complutense University of Madrid, her work mixes the disciplines of video, and drawing using different digital supports.

She is interested in the small gestures of everyday life, the protection of the environment, language and the recovery of old traditions and crafts to use them as examples of circular economy.
In her first exhibition, considered a hymn to nature, she was awarded in different public and private institutions.

Nowadays, the themes of her work are linked to the Shodō, as a personal process of encounter with her paternal roots.
It should be noted that she wishes to remain physically anonymous for this project.